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Evergreen On-Demand

Evergreen’s exclusive drop ship program

Evergreen On-Demand is an ordering tool for our retailers that helps them sell the exact Evergreen products their customers are looking for, so no sales opportunities are missed.

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The benefits of On-Demand

Items ordered can be shipped to your store or directly to your customer.

You can purchase in minimums of 1 reducing the risk on items that might not sell often.

There is a single flat price per item that includes shipping and handling.

Frequently asked questions

Fast shipping

How does shipping work?

Items ship directly to your customer’s home, or your store if you want to arrange a store pick-up. Customers expect retailers to be able to deliver a seamless, equivalent experience for people in stores that they would enjoy while shopping online.

Low fees

How do shipping and handling costs work?

There is one flat price for the item, which includes shipping and handling. As many of the transactions that will go through Evergreen On-Demand will be smaller, we knew it would be paramount to keep fees and costs low for you and your customers. There is a discounting module which your local territory manager will be able to explain to you when you register.

Clear communication

How do I track shipments and records?

Shipment notifications will be emailed directly to you and directly to your customer. Tracking orders is very simple and can be done through your “My Account” section of our website.


Who is eligible?

Evergreen On-Demand is a program for active Evergreen Enterprises retailers with approved credit and terms with our company. Learn how to apply for credit.


“Evergreen on-demand has been a positive addition to our company allowing us to
capture sales that we would have otherwise missed. In turn, it has increased our profit
line. Evergreen on-demand is easy to use and the items are shipped quickly! It is a
must-add to your retail operations.”

David Carey, Owner of My Team Store


How To Get On-Demand


Request access by contacting your territory manager or emailing us with your account number at: eod@myevergreen.com.
Takes 1-3 days to get set up!