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Launching December 4th, 2023

Holiday 2024

Look no further for everything merry, cozy, beautiful and bright. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy a splendid season of warmth and cheer. Check out this magnificent collection of holiday & winter trends suitable for every taste and style! Prebook your favorites today!




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A stunning, curated collection of 2024 trends that embody the essence of the holidays, from traditional reds & greens, to sparkling modern elegance, to frosty winter wonderlands, we've got it all.

Classic | Nostalgic | Playful

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Elegant | Sophisticated | Traditional

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Sweetness | Cozy Kitchen | Retro

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Botanical | Heartwarming| Home

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Woodsy | Organic | Handcrafted

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Natural | Snowy | Reclaimed

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Organic, Natural & Warm


Our Vivastyle Collection is centered around organic beauty and quiet luxury with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship that brings the outdoors inside.

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