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Build-a-Pallet Catalog


Evergreen’s Build-a-Pallet allows you to create custom pallet orders that ship directly to your store. With a 25% discount on wholesale items and a flat rate shipping price per pallet, the more you build, the more you save!


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Bulk & Save
Unlock 25% off on wholesale products and get a flat rate $150 per pallet. For CAD pricing, click here.


Fast Shipping
Items ship directly to you, ensuring quicker deliveries and preventing excess transit wear and tear.


Custom Orders
Shop with your customers in mind and build pallets with only the items and quantities you want.

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Step-by-step instructions of how you build a pallet

Step 1

Browse the catalog and click the pallet icon to add to your request.
Step 1 Build a pallet

Step 2

Continue adding items to completely fill at least one pallet. [Approximately 86.7 to 100 cubic ft.]
Step 2 Build a Pallet

Step 3

Don't stop at one - build as many pallets as you want!
Step 3 Build a pallet

Step 4

Done browsing? Submit your request!
Step 4 Build a Pallet

Step 5

A member of our team will contact you to finalize your order within 24-48 hours, if needed.
Step 5 Build a Pallet

What to Expect When Your Pallet Arrives

Fill out the form to determine your requirements to accommodate the delivery. Orders in North America will arrive from China in approximately 60 days. Our sales team will reach out to you to finalize your pallet order, if needed.