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Digital Tips + Marketing Strategy

Buying & selling during Covid-19

Many businesses have developed contactless shopping experiences, including curbside pickup and delivery services for the safety of their communities, as well as building an online presence. We have worked to develop a strong suite of technological tools within the home and gift industry and have gathered digital marketing tips and sales strategies here as a guide to help you sell your on-hand inventory and maintain your presence in your local market.

Evergreen On-Demand

A unique in-store ordering solution

Evergreen On-Demand is our simple ordering tool for immediate access to thousands of products, with a choice of delivery to your store or directly to your customer.

Data On-Demand

Access product information

Data On-Demand is an easy way for you to access product information and web resolution product images immediately after you place your order. You can then use this information for your own online presence, to create flyers, or informational leaflets for your customers.

Contact Us to register today or contact your local territory manager for more information.

Territory Managers

Your partners and advocates

Our Evergreen salesforce includes over 120 territory managers across North America. When you register to become an Evergreen retailer, you will be introduced to a dedicated territory manager who will help meet your business needs. Our sales team are experts in the home, gift, and sports industries, and will introduce you to five major product releases per year. Every territory manager is equipped with advanced technology that gives them insight into industry and product data, helping drive business in real time. Our managers aren’t simply sales reps; they are your partners and advocates.

Merchandising Solutions

Showcase products more creatively

At Evergreen, we don’t just provide you with products, we provide innovative ways to display those products with proven increased sales statistics. Learn more about how to merchandise your Evergreen products by clicking on the link below.

Social Connections

Develop customer engagement

Maintaining an online presence can help showcase your inventory, provide sales opportunities, and demonstrate your place in the community. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin where we be post product information, company updates, as well as sharing and promoting our retail partners’ content. Our Marketing Team are also available via our social channels if you need any tips or guidance.

Success Stories

Testimonials from our retailers

Evergreen advances in the home, gift and sports industries have benefitted thousands of small businesses over the last 25 years. Don’t take our word for it—see what retailers have to say.

Website Tutorials

Comprehensive step-by-step videos

If you need some help to utilize the features of our new website, checkout our video guide tutorials here

Evergreen Resources

We have tailored our service to meet your individual needs.

Here at Evergreen, we are not simply a wholesale manufacturer. We are a progressive learning organization dedicated to providing a business support structure for all our retailers. Your store is unique to you and we have tailored our service to meet your individual needs. Whether that support includes hosting you at our Richmond headquarters to tour our extensive new showroom; your local field sales representative helping you merchandise and set up eye-catching displays on the store floor; or providing digital tools and advice from our marketing experts to grow your online presence; we want to see your business thrive and move through the different challenges of the retail environment alongside us, season after season, year after year.

On this page you will find the resources we provide. We encourage you to utilize the tools available, and our teams are on hand to help with any issues that may arise along the way. We value your partnership and look forward to working with you to grow the success of your business.