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Our commitment to you.

Evergreen is driven to meet your retail needs. We offer:


Unmatched Assortment of Unique Items

Evergreen celebrates the uniqueness in everyone. We champion individuality by offering one of the world’s largest selections of home and garden décor that allows you and your customers to express their identities in their home. 


Experience-Driven Partnerships

Innovation and technology continue to be at the forefront of our company. Whether it’s finding new ways to improve our products or giving you the ability to take virtual tours of our showroom, we strive to offer the best shopping experience possible. 


Respect for the Unique in Everyone  

Our in-house designers work with local artists to create designs that resonate with you and your customers. We embrace message and art-driven designs that set us apart, but most importantly, set you apart. 

Make a stunning statement 

Faux Lighted Trees


Add brilliant seasonal style anywhere! Simply beautiful, these trees are eye-catching day or night, inside homes or out. Studded with hundreds of warm white micro lights, the graceful, light-wrapped bendable branches are beautiful as-is or they can be lightly decorated with simple ornaments.


Express your individuality.

We celebrate who you are.

We enhance life by providing exceptional home and garden decor products known for their quality, beauty and functionality.

We are committed to the practice of free and fair trade and are respectful of our global business partners as well as the environment in which we all operate.

We are a progressive learning organization that seeks best practices with customers, employees, vendors and shareholders.

We envision a world where people are seen and create lasting meaningful connections to others by expressing elements of their unique identities.

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Winter's Essence

Delight in every sparkle & every shining moment

Mixed metallics lead the way with large jeweled accents adorning ornaments and décor, while frozen water elements create texture and dimension.

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Scandinavian Christmas

Offer a simple & timeless holiday look

Sleek and stylish, these minimalist home pieces turn any space into a Nordic winter wonderland.

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Bestselling Products

We see the unique in you.

We treat everyone with respect.

Evergreen respects and celebrates the uniqueness in everyone by offering one of the world’s largest selections of home and garden decor that allows retailers and consumers to express their identities and build meaningful connections to others.

What our customers say about Evergreen

Robin Holman

Director of Retail at Southeast Alabama Medical Center

"I have been an Evergreen customer for 20 years, and it is the main line we carry. The merchandise is high quality and a good price point. Evergreen continues to pleasantly surprise me with great new selections each season."

Alison Dodson Anderson

Owner of A. Dodson's

"We have been working with Evergreen Enterprises since we opened our doors in 2003. During that time, Evergreen has helped us grow to 4 stores and counting! They are THE forward-thinking leader in the gift industry. They're always willing to try new ideas, grow, and change with the times while never compromising their commitment to the growth of our business. We consider our sales representative and the Evergreen team to not only be our partners, but also our friends."

Paul Abugattas 

Director of Retail Operations, Plow & Hearth

Evergreen Enterprises partnered with Plow & Hearth to strategize a store-within-a-store retail display solution called "The Flag Shop." This program resulted in sales growth of 89% to 94%. 

Kari Kantack

Drummers Garden Center and Floral

"We have been carrying Evergreen products for many years now in our Garden Center and Floral shop. We like the wide range of products they carry for every season. It keeps our customers coming back for the next new thing. Brenda is one of our favorite sales reps to work with. We trust her recommendations. She want’s what is best for our store. She’s easy to work with on any issues we need credit on. We always look forward to her visit and to see what’s new out there for Evergreen. Thanks for going above and beyond for us!"

Shelly Boser

Landsburg Landscape Nursery

"Thank you so much for all your help, I truly am looking forward to working with you for years to come."

Diane Loyd

Salt Flats Gallery

"We blew doors this weekend! Best inventory I have ever seen from Evergreen it's beautiful and our customers loved everything!"