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Data On-Demand

The information you need to sell products

Get product data and images for your point of service systems, immediately after you place an order!

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Data at your fingertips

Faster access to product specs

Why sign up?
Data On-Demand is an easy way for you to access product information and web resolution product images immediately after you place your order. You can then use this information for your own online presence, to create flyers, or informational leaflets for your customers.

How to access Data On-Demand

1. Login to your account (express register your account first if you haven’t yet)
2. In the account drop-down, select: “Order & Claim History.”
3. Select the orders in question to view the order detail page.
4. Then in the “Downloads” area, there are two buttons:
4a. Export Items to Excel: for product data
4b. Download Images: for a zipped file of all product images (some exceptions apply – like if it’s a custom item).

Need help getting started?
Contact your local territory manager for more information.