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Evergreen's Prebook Program

Prebooking allows you to shop our newest products, get the best discounts, guarantee timely delivery, and secure your inventory for the coming year.

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Prebooking Calendar

Plan Ahead For Your Next Prebook Order

Winter & Holiday 2024
Begins Early December 2023

Early Spring 2025
Begins Late February 2024

Spring/Summer 2025
Begins Late May 2024

Summer 2025
Begins Late July 2024

Fall, Halloween & Harvest 2025
Begins Late September 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How our program works


What is Prebook?

Prebooking, also called Pre-Ordering, allows you to secure the newest products that have just been released but have not yet shipped while helping Evergreen forecast future product that will continue to drive traffic into your stores.


Why Should I Prebook?

When you prebook with Evergreen you have the advantage of shopping top selling categories, scheduling your delivery dates, and receiving aggressive dating on your prebook orders - all while receiving limited time promotions only available at launch.


When Will My Product Arrive?

Our Prebooking seasons are design to get product to you 2 months before the season to maximize your space and set, ensuring plenty of time to plan your seasonal store layouts.


What Products Can I Prebook?

We launch 100's of new items across all of our major product categories each season that are available for you to prebook.


How Do I Find Prebook Products?

Visit our current season shop for highlights and quick links to shop, shop from our current season catalogs, or filter the site by availability after 60 days and look for items with the "new" flag.


Have More Questions?

Our live chat support team can answer your ordering process and product questions without leaving the site. We also offer both in person and virtual consultations to set you up for success.