FLOMO 360° Travel Cup

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The Tritan™ component boasts advanced insulation and the entire lid provides a tight seal when you stop drinking to reduce spills. The BPA- and Phthalate-free 360° lid is crafted from food-grade silicone and clear, durable Tritan that can be easily cleaned. The high-quality materials also prevent clouding like most clear tops. The silicone fits securely on the vessel, allowing for expansion and contraction from cold and hot beverages.

Attention Grabbing DetailsAttention Grabbing Details

When we researched the market, we found that most travel mugs all required several steps to open and close the container for every sip. As a result of our patent-pending webbing, we designed the 360° lid function with v-stream technology to reduces spills wherever you go. The lid has no spout or valve, but is mouth activated and creates a spill proof rim that allows for drinking from all sides. The lid features a plunger that locks the Tritan center component into place, creating a seal to reduce leaking. Additionally, ecofriendly packaging perfectly minimizes waste and maximizes protection from breakage.


Whether at home or on the go, every area of the cup and lid is 100% exposed for easy cleaning thanks to the 2-piece construction! There are no gaskets or hidden areas, unlike many other 360° lids on the market, that become the perfect mold-breeding ground. All the components can be washed in the dishwasher using a delicate wash cycle and placed on a top rack. Always rinse the components thoroughly after each wash. Do not sanitize by boiling method.

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