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Flags For The Next Generation

The process begins with used plastic bottles being washed, sanitized, and shredded into chips. These chips are broken down into fine, melted pellets. The pellets are extruded into yarn, and that yarn is used to create the fabric used to make thousands of Evergreen flags.

Durable | Vibrant | Sustainable

Recycled PET Fabric

Evergreen is proud to be a leader in using recycled fabric to create the same durable, vibrant, and affordable flags our customers love and expect. Our flags have always made a bold statement – and now, with a GRS Certification, they’re making a bold impact by keeping 75 million plastic bottles from entering landfills each year.

Same Core Benefits, Now Eco-Friendly

With our sustainable flags, you'll get the same benefits you've enjoyed for 30 years.


Experience the same gorgeous designs and vibrant fade-resistant color you’re used to with identical stitching, embroidery, decorative trims and 3D details we’re known for


Enjoy the same durability, longevity and all-weather features you’ve come to expect for unmatched flags that can still be used season after season and year after year


Maintain your current margins with our eco-friendly designs that customers can fly with pride, not only for their beauty, but for how they’re made



“We’ve been creating our distinctive home and garden flags for 30 years and are excited to lead the industry in now making them in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.”

– Ting Xu, Founder and Chairwoman of
Evergreen Enterprises



Evergreen's Sustainable Future

Shipping Operations

Using recyclable paper packaging and improving shipping container efficiency to reduce carbon emissions.


Re-engineering products to maximize the use of natural and recycled materials while maintaining quality and durability.

Renewable Energy

Leading the charge by investing in renewable resources and powering 50% of our campus with solar energy.

Employee Commitments

Passionate people committed to supporting sustainability through eco-events and corporate endeavors.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is rPET, and how is it used in Evergreen's flags?

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) is recycled plastic that was used to make packaging, such as plastic bottles and food containers. After the original containers are used by consumers, they are returned via recycling programs and facilities that sort, wash, sanitize and shred the plastic into chips. The chips are broken down into fine, melted pellets. The pellets are extruded into yarn, and that yarn is then used to make thousands of Evergreen flags.

Why should I choose rPET over traditional materials?

You’ll get the same core benefits of classic Evergreen flags, such as beauty, durability, and affordability, but now in an eco-friendlier package. This initiative keeps over 75 million plastic bottles from entering the landfill each year so you can sell and fly our house flags and garden flags with pride. You’ll be supporting the recycling industry, reducing waste in landfills, and reducing the impact on the environment.

How durable are rPET flags compared to other materials?

rPET flags have the same great durability and quality you are used to. The recycled fabric has the same all-weather features such as heat-transferred artwork, UV protected dyes, and sun-blocking material, for same brilliant color and non-fray durability. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on porch, patio, deck and garden as well as door, wall, entryway and more.

Are there any special care instructions for rPET outdoor flags?

Evergreen home and garden flags are easy to care for by spot cleaning as needed. Colorfastness and durability are dependent upon exposure to sun and the elements. Weather conditions such as direct sun exposure, high winds and excessive moisture will eventually degrade the fabric more quickly.