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Evergreen Flag Excellence

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The Evergreen Advantage

Our industry-leading category of wholesale flags brilliantly blends unique design with quality craftsmanship.

World Class Assortment

For over 25 years, Evergreen has been the top flag designer and producer, offering unbeatable options of quality flags at affordable prices.

Unique Designs

Crafted of stunning fabrics and bold fade-resistant colors, our premium flags are available in 4 sizes across 500 exclusive seasonal designs.

Results at Retail

We provide diverse hardware options, creative merchandising solutions, and cohesive collections to boost sales and ensure your store’s success.

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Let our industry expert be your guide, tailoring product selections to perfection and positioning your store for unparalleled success.

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Flag Sizes

Size Breakdown

Find The Perfect Fit

Offer your customers a variety of price points with seasonal designs across our 4 sizes: Everlasting Impressions, Garden Flags, House Flags, and Estate Flags.

Flag Hardware

Flag Poles
For decorating patios and porches
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Flag Stands
Perfect for yards, gardens, and pathways
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Mounting Hardware
Display flags in unique and different ways
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Solar Hardware
Add an extra touch to flag display
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Durable | Vibrant | Sustainable

Flags For The Next Generation

Evergreen is proud to be a leader in using recycled fabric to create the same durable, vibrant, and affordable flags our customers love and expect. Our flags have always made a bold statement – and now, with a GRS Certification, they’re making a bold impact by keeping 75 million plastic bottles from entering landfills each year.

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Order Customized Flags For Your Store

Make It Yours Program

Personalize your flags!

Bring a customized twist to your offerings with personalized garden flag designs ranging from everyday to seasonal.



Frequently Asked Questions


Does Evergreen sell wholesale flags for different seasons or holidays?

Absolutely! We have a flag for every season - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter flags. We also sell holiday flags for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, 4Th of July, St. Patrick's Day, and Canada Day.

Where can I display my flag?

Evergreen Flags can be used outdoors to decorate your yard, garden, or mailbox using a flagpole, stand, or stake. You can also display your flag on or in your home as a decorative house flag, banner, or door décor.

Can I make a wholesale order of personalized flags?

Yes, we offer flag personalization options where you can add your own text or message to over 180 designs. Visit our Make It Yours page for more information on how to place a wholesale order of customized flags.

What types of designs does Evergreen feature on their decorative flags?

Our designs cater to different themes and interests. Some of our most popular flags feature:

  • Animals, including dogs, cats, and foxes 
  • Floral patterns showcasing sunflowers or daisies,  
  • Birds like cardinals, ducks, hummingbirds, and flamingos  
  • Insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, or dragonflies 
  • Fantasy themes featuring gnomes and fairies 
  • Patriotic designs showcasing state pride and the American flag