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Make it Yours Program


Take your creativity to new heights


Bring a customized twist to product offerings with Evergreen’s Make It Yours Program. This new program gives you the freedom to showcase your uniqueness through personalized products. 

How it works

Custom Made

Choose from a selection of Sassafras door mats and suede garden flags, and personalize up to 30 characters of text with 8 color and 11 font options. 

High Quality Guarantee

Text is printed with colorfast dyes that are weather-resistant to ensure long lasting beauty and durability against the elements.

Double Check

Due to the items being customized for you, these items are final sale and cannot be returned after the order is placed - make sure to double-check spelling!


Secure Payment

With this program these specific products will be invoiced after shipment of the custom items. 


A minimum of 12 flags or 27 Sassafras mats is required, with a $200 cart per order minimum for each shipping method. This means, you can order 36 of the same design or personalize 3 different designs to meet the minimum.

Freight Options

We have two shipping options available for the U.S. for garden flags; air and ocean. Air shipments ship within 15 days, and ocean shipments within approximately 60 days. Additional costs for freight are estimated in the cart. Sassafras mat shipments and shipments to Canada are ocean only. Conversion rates apply.

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