Reusable Market Bags Collection

Disposable shopping bags are everywhere. From department stores to gas stations, they are the way we tote our purchases.

Versatile and perfect for holding heavy groceries, beach gear, and so much more.



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Superior Design Details

From leaking containers to spilled foods, toting groceries can become a mess! Simply wipe down the bags with a damp cloth to get rid of odors and stains. This reusable bag looks like a more stylish and durable version of the paper bag found in your grocery store’s checkout lane.


Unlike plastic that easily tears or paper that falls apart with moisture, our bags are made from durable polyester material.This collection collapses for easy storage at home or in your car. The wire support and reinforced stitching help provide shape to the bag and offer added durability to the construction.


Traditional paper and plastic bag options not only take a toll on our environment but can easily break. This tote was built to be dependable, with a weight capacity of 30-35lbs depending on size.

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