Handmade Fabrics: The Heart Of India

India is the second largest producer of cotton.

We have incorporated textiles from India such as cotton, silk, jute, wool and fibers in our newest collection.



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The Love of Handmade
The Love of Handmade

In today’s age, machines mass produce textile designs, however this takes away a personal touch that consumers desire. Handmade fabrics have been a part of the Indian culture for centuries. With handmade textiles, this yearning has been kept alive for centuries.

Beauty of the FabricsBeauty of the Fabrics

Bring the beauty of traditional Indian art to your doorstep. Our scope of products comprises of a range of textile designs made by skillful artist using age-old traditional methods.


Each piece gives a thought-out look and design consistency to each collection in this category. We have worked to make it easier for consumers to pull together various pieces to create a cohesive and coordinated room or space.