Wholesale Solar Powered Glass Bird Baths

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Designs come to life with innovative motion

This 3D Wind-Driven Collection is uniquely designed to rotate in the wind, enriching landscapes with colorful movement.



Best of Floor for
Outstanding Display

ICON Honors

Nominated for Innovation Honors for
Technological Advancement

Solar Motion Windsocks
Design Innovation with Solar Motion Windsocks

New to the market, the solar designs within this collection utilize our exclusive Light in Motion™ technology to create dancing light inside the windsock body. Translucent organza material allows the light to shine through for a beautiful display.

Collapsible Balloon SpinnersAttention to Detail with Collapsible Balloon Spinners

These spinners are crafted from durable, weather-resistant nylon for long-lasting use. Mesh panels hold the body together tightly as it continually moves. The tail keeps the balloon in motion with no inflation or assembly required, while a plastic spring mechanism locks into place to secure the design during windy conditions. To unlatch, simply push and twist.