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A garden is a peaceful place where the sights and sounds of the outdoors remind us to reflect and relax—and windchimes complement the beautiful sounds of nature.

Wind chimes from Evergreen are colorful and unique. We offer chimes in garden themes like butterflies, dragonflies, and birds with distinctive art styles, as well as more abstract designs with glass elements, like our by the bottle chimes that repurpose colored glass bottles.

In addition to our wind chimes, we also offer other hanging garden accessories. Our solar mobiles include a solar panel that charges during the day and lights up at night for a beautiful effect. With a range of retail prices from $20-40, our mobiles are plastic and glass and include elements that shine with LED lights. They come in a wide variety of themes and are perfect decorations for the holiday season—or for summer nights. Our twirling metal spectrum spinners are painted with bright, eye-catching animated patterns that the wind sets in motion. We also offer spectrum spinners with team logos from our Team Sports America brand.

Evergreen has every element necessary for a truly magical garden, with wind chimes, mobiles, and spinners that grab attention with beautiful sights and sounds.

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