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Water Bottles

Our glass water bottle is a fresh alternative to plastic bottles for eco-friendly and health conscious consumers.

This 19-oz reusable bottle is BPA-free. Its wide mouth allows you to easily add ingredients and ice cubes to your beverage. Because it's made of glass, it allows your beverage to taste better due to no residue from the material, it's easier to clean and sanitize, and it can be recycled instead of throwing it away.

Each water bottle comes with a bamboo lid. We've chosen bamboo because it's natural and commonly used in kitchenware for its sustainability. Because it is natural and can retain moisture, we've designed our current lids to allow for slight expansion when necessary. We recommend hand-washing the lids, but bottles themselves are dishwasher safe.

We offer a variety of artwork and patterns on these bottles to please a wide range of customers. Refresh yourself while you refresh the earth!

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