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Make an Artful Impact

Our proven wall art category has been refreshed with new handmade techniques and dimensional styles.

We have incorporated metal, sand, painted, and wooden mixed-material pieces into the collection, with real 3D elements bringing the design to life.



Best of Floor for
Outstanding Display

ICON Honors

Nominated for Innovation Honors for
Technological Advancement

Handmade Techniques
Handmade Techniques

Designs are carefully crafted from multiple layers of sheet metal with hand-painted details and sculpted touches showcasing the artist's talents. Large in scale, the bold beauties truly make an impact and are sure to impress customers. As a bonus, they provide a perceived value but at an affordable price point.

On-Trend IconsOn-Trend Icons

Top-selling, on-trend icons like flamingos and farmhouse scenes make an appearance in this collection. With a wide selection of styles and themes, our line livens up any room and gives your customers the chance to showcase their personal style.

Unique MaterialsUnique Materials

Each piece seamlessly integrates external components into its layout, bringing dimensionality and pizzazz to the product. Examples include real sand being incorporated into beach-themed artwork, and sculpted metal popping off the canvas.