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Vie Luxe™ chenille collection

These beautiful pieces are timeless and embody a luxurious lifestyle.

This collection possesses classic, stylish designs with sumptuous fabric that will be warm and cozy throughout the season!



Best of Floor for
Outstanding Display

ICON Honors

Nominated for Innovation Honors for
Technological Advancement

Easily Giftable
Easily Giftable

The line is full of thoughtful presents for women, babies, and toddlers. They are ideal for hospital gift shops as well as boutiques and specialty stores. New designs are folded and packaged with a ribbon, making them easy grab-and-go gifts.

Expanded OfferingsExpanded Offerings

This collection includes tried-and-true favorites as well as new message-driven blankets, sweaters, outerwear, hat and scarf sets, and monogrammed socks.

Merchandising at RetailMerchandising at Retail

The items in this collection can be featured as a selection for women, babies, or both! Our easy scan and program SKUs make it even easier to merchandise these products with a free display. New blankets come folded and tied with a ribbon and hangtag for easy merchandising.

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