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Trimmed with Ease™ Collection

Create the perfect ornament strategy with our retail-ready Trimmed with Ease™ Collection.

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The Difference is in the Details

Unique touches give these festive pieces broad appeal; there is something for every customer in each program. The ornaments are made from glass, felt, wood, metal and fur using assorted techniques, and incorporate hand-painted artwork in soft hues as well as traditional tones, integrated lights, and personalized designs.

Coordinating LooksCoordinating Looks

Coordinating pieces help create a cohesive aesthetic at retail. This strategy should reduce fatigue by offering curated assortments instead of one-by-one selection. The designs are created to complement our other holiday décor pieces for a beautiful presentation at retail or home.

Built-in Display ConceptBuilt-in Display Concept

Our Trimmed with Ease programs feature 14 different options for retail that complement the curated ornaments in our easy scans. Top-selling themes include inspirational, pet, rustic and traditional. We created this strategy to make it easy for retailers to quickly pick a theme and start selling, whether it be tabletop or floor displays.

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