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Set the mood with a safe alternative to real flames

Evergreen Enterprises is a supplier of wholesale LED solar-powered staked torches.

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The design runs on solar power, so it can be placed anywhere and won’t impact customers’ power bills. The panel collects sunshine all day, then converts it into electricity to power the battery. No wires, no mess, no tools, just energy savings!

Weather ProofWeather-Proof

Waterproof and durable, these designs withstand all kinds of weather year-round. The frosted glass offers an elevated, elegant look.

Easy to Set-UpEasy to Set Up

Our cordless designs are easy to set up: no wiring or screws required! The solar torches can be placed almost anywhere, so consumers can instantly enjoy the warm and welcoming illumination. A safe alternative to real flames, the LEDs in the lights cast a safe, soft, mood-enhancing glow.

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