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Success Stories & Testimonials

Evergreen Enterprises’ advances in the home, gift and sports industries have benefitted thousands of small businesses over the last 25 years. Don't take our word for it—see what retailers have to say

Alison Dodson Anderson
Alison Dodson Anderson
Owner of A. Dodson's

"We have been working with Evergreen Enterprises since we opened our doors in 2003. During that time, Evergreen has helped us grow to 4 stores and counting! They are THE forward-thinking leader in the gift industry. They're always willing to try new ideas, grow, and change with the times while never compromising their commitment to the growth of our business. We consider our sales representative and the Evergreen team to not only be our partners, but also our friends."

Robin Holman
Director of Retail at Southeast Alabama Medical Center

"I have been an Evergreen customer for 20 years, and it is the main line we carry. The merchandise is high quality and a good price point. Evergreen continues to pleasantly surprise me with great new selections each season."

Success Story from Paul Abugattas

Director of Retail Operations, Plow & Hearth

Evergreen Enterprises partnered with Plow & Hearth to strategize a store-within-a-store retail display solution called The Flag Shop. This program resulted in sales growth of 89% to 94%. Watch the video to see how it was done!