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Sports Flags

For any fan, flags present a perfect opportunity to fly team colors and show pride on game day or all throughout the season. With over 20 years of experience in flags, Evergreen offers techniques and details that stand above the competition.

Our applique flags are made from nylon fabric with tight, detailed machine stitching for a beautiful finish. They are essentially two flags stitched together so the team logo can be read from both sides.

Our burlap flags are an Evergreen innovation that features team designs printed on a durable poly-burlap material that is safe for the outdoors. They have team logos printed on each side and names embroidered on each side as well.

Our double-sided Suede Reflections flags feature team logos and artwork that are heat-transferred to sun-blocking poly suede fabric. This sun blocking technology allows the application of two different images to each side of the flag. These flags have eye-catching glitter embellishments that make team logos shine.

Sculpted flags are a unique twist on our applique flags. They are one-sided and feature team names in cutout, three-dimensional letters down the side and team logos on the main part of the flag.

Our flags come in house and garden sizes and are offered in dozens of teams across collegiate, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

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