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Sports Ornaments

Holiday spirit and team spirit go hand in hand. Fans without team ornaments on their Christmas trees are virtually unheard of. Evergreen's Team Sports America brand offers a lineup of team-themed ornaments that are must-haves for fans.

Our popular team chair ornaments double as year-round items, as they can be set out as decorative accessories anytime. Our team camper ornament is a vintage take on a tailgating theme and also works year-round, as it is not holiday-specific. We also offer ornaments with unique football, baseball, and hockey puck textured wraps–as well as hand-painted and customizable ornaments with the option of writing personal messages on the back (which is perfect for gift-giving). Our ornaments come either in CDUs or as open stock with hang tags.

Our Santa Gets There series is a fun take on how Santa gets around and changes every year. Each one has team colors and logo and is offered in NFL, Collegiate, MLB, and NHL.

Our ornaments are Christmas decorations that stand out. With a varied assortment and ornaments that double as year round decorations, our sports ornaments make a great gift for any fan and look great on any Christmas tree.

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Ornament Display with Header Card

16.5" x 8" x 24"

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