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Wholesale Solar LED Bird Bath Sets

Send dancing and glimmering light across the garden with this collection.

Evergreen Enterprises is a supplier of wholesale solar-powered bird baths.

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Our new patent-pending collection transforms Evergreen Garden’s bird baths into lit treasures. 30 individual LED seed lights are embedded into channels that wrap around the weather-resistant frame, while a hand-painted translucent bath is placed over suction cups that hold the product securely in place. During the day, the design’s solar panel soaks up the sun and automatically illuminates at night, powering 8 different light settings for a stunning display. As the light moves and viewing angles change, the glowing patterns shift, creating a relaxing, hypnotic sense of beauty and motion.

Proven CategoryProven Category

By adding light to an already proven category, we made this new bird bath collection a surefire win. Each set is built for durability, giving customers confidence that the indoor- and outdoor-safe products will be enjoyed year-round, season after season. The solar designs have suction cups that hold the bird bath securely in place. A remote control (SKU 2LA1457) that changes the light settings can be purchased separately.

Maintenance FreeMaintenance Free

Solar-powered designs enhance a shopper's outdoor space without additional electricity needs. Customers can easily relocate their solar décor regardless of the nearest outlet location, as the set draws its power from the sun. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about the weather damaging electrical ports, as our solar designs are outdoor-safe so they can be enjoyed year-round.

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