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Skirts, Pants, Shorts & Leggings

b. Boutique's complete apparel offering features unique choices in every category—and to go with our great selection of tops, we offer skirts, pants, shorts, and leggings that are fashionable and unique, with designs and printed patterns that make bold statements.

Leggings from b. Boutique are ideal ingredients in outfits year-round. They are snug, versatile, and can be worn with dresses, shirts, and other tops. Our cotton Capri leggings are lighter and comfy in warm weather, while our warm fleece-lined leggings are perfect complements to fall and winter styles (but are great year-round as well!).

Our Kingsley beach pants fit loosely for a trendy look and feature printed patterns in stripes or polka dots. They are 100% viscose and pair well with our Angela tops.

Our Everyday Roxie skirt and Bethany shorts come in several patterns and look great with our sleeveless tops, while our Susie shorts, designed using luxurious lace, are perfect for classy summer looks.

Apparel from b. Boutique is designed to be eye-catching, classy, and versatile, and our variety of bottoms are no different. They make a great addition to the b. Boutique lineup and are specifically coordinated to match with our shirts and tops.

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