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Evergreen now offers Silipint, a flexible drinkware product made of 100% silicone.

Silipint is incredibly durable, and safe for use in dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, and more! We offer a complete lineup of sizes, include the standard 16-oz Silipint tumbler, a 12-oz. wine glass, and a 1.5-oz shot glass.

Silipint tumblers are patented and unique, and a perfect reusable alternative to plastic, styrofoam, or paper.

In addition to a shot glass, Silishot has a number of potential uses. You can use it as a wine bottle stopper, or even as a golf tee!

The wine glass is an exclusive Evergreen product, and not offered by any other Silipint vendor. The top outer edge and the interior of the cup have the same dimensions as any wine glass. But we made the bottom with a thicker heavier silicone base to keep the glass more stable and prevent spills.

Regardless of what size Silipint cup you choose, you can take it anywhere. They're virtually indestructible. You can flatten them, crush them, or drop them, and they just bounce right back. Because silicone withstands high temperatures, you can even use them to melt butter on a grill! Just make sure to let them cool before handling.

Several of our Silipint cups have spaces for personalization. You can use a Sharpie or similar marker to write on them. It can be wiped off with water, but it won't rub off on your hands!

There are so many uses for this product, even for baking! This is a great opportunity to offer customers something new and fresh… and just a little bit "sili".

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