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Sassafras Insert Mats

Our Sassafras switch mats offer an economical way to change out floormat designs as often as you like, for gameday, holiday, or everyday. From spring to summer and beyond, our wide range of eye-catching designs gives retailers and consumers year-round seasonal flexibility!

Since 2013, Sassafras has become our most popular floormat option, and it's easy to see why. Our 2-piece solution incorporates a durable surround or tray (made of either polypropelene or PVC) that holds a low-cost cushioned floormat insert that's easily changed out for seasons or special occasions. We are the only wholesaler to offer this unique approach. Consumers can purchase one surround and as many inserts as they like, then return to purchase additional inserts throughout the year.

The inserts can also be used alone, like on stairways, for example. We also offer embellished inserts with flocking and metallic accents for added visual appeal. We've also coordinated some of our designs with flag and door decor for a unified look.

Our dedicated display holds 16 facings of mat inserts at up to 6 per peg, as well as 72 surrounds at the bottom. It fits into a 2' x 3' space, and it includes sturdy locking casters for easy mobility.

With designs covering all the key themes from floral to coastal to Christmas to monogram, switching out floormats is now even simpler than changing out a garden flag, with Evergreen Sassafras!

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Insert Mat Display

33.5" x 27" x 64"

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