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Scented Simplicity

Reed diffusers are functional fragrance accessories that freshen the air and enhance any room.

Ready to elevate customers' décor, b.Boutique’s new line of reed diffusers brings sweet scents to the home.



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Diffusers make perfect additions to any room in the house. Shoppers can display these designs in the hallway for an inviting fragrance that greets guests immediately, bedroom to add a refreshing presence, or bathroom to keep bad scents at bay. All of the diffusers feature gorgeous floral elements that elevate the designs.

Low MaintenanceLow Maintenance

Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flame-free and don’t give off heat. No flame means no soot, and more importantly, no risk of a fire! This makes the products safe for use in homes, offices, classrooms, and more.

Natural Essential OilsNatural Essential Oils

The diffusers use essential oils as a fragrance base and naturally disperse scents into the air. They are alcohol free and come packaged in an acetate box for easy gift giving, which is ideal for customers looking for the perfect present!

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