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With thousands of flags in countless themes, Evergreen has the perfect home greeting for everyone—and with our Reflections printed flags, we offer hundreds of flags with detailed printed designs in brilliant colors you'll want to proudly fly.

Our Reflections flags are available in satin, silk and suede varieties that all feature beautiful outdoor-safe art. Our Satin Reflections flags allow sunlight to pass through, providing a striking, glowing effect. They are made of soft, durable polyester with tight stitching. Our newest Suede Reflections flags provide softness, brilliant color, and non-fray stitching. Suede flags are made of poly brushed twill that's incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. This material naturally blocks light, allowing for different designs to be printed on each side of the flag. Like all of our flags, they are UV-coated and water resistant.

Our printed flags come in a wide variety of designs and themes, from seasonal flags to bright patriotic prints that are perfect for the Fourth of July. Our flags make great holiday decorations, as we carry special flags for every celebration. Many of our flags have detailed embellishments like foil and felt that accent artwork and patterns and make flag designs pop.

Reflections flags come mainly in house and garden sizes, with several designs available in estate size.

With 20 years and counting of flag experience, Evergreen has developed manufacturing techniques with an attention to detail that stands above the competition. Our printed flags continue this trend. They are colorful, creative, and make a great addition to any home.

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Wooden Flag Display

18.2" x 45.3" x 70.2"
Holds 8 regular flags (48 pcs) & 11 garden

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