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What baby doesn't love a snuggly stuffed animal? Our best-selling plush toys for baby are cuddly and unique, and offered in multiple coordinating collections.

Farm Pals features our softest plush fabric with a pop of striped details on the arms and ears. This collection is perfect for gift shops, with its neutral color palette and small pop of color. There are six 10" animals in this assortment with quirky names like Bernie the Bear and Patty the Pig. We also offer these animals in roll-up blanket buddy and smaller snuggle buddy styles.

Our Zoo Troop collection features six 14" tall adorable animals in a bold stripe or chevron pattern. The knitted fabric makes these animals eye-catching and unique. We are also introducing a matching 8" plush rattle with this collection, which is a great grab-n-go item at the register.

The Portly Pals collection includes 6 stuffed animals with a huggable round shape. With fun names like Frankie Fox and Bertha Bear, they're a hit with babies.

For a more realistic look, reach for our Cuddly Friends. Most animals in this group are 9" or 10" and offered in 2 assorted neutral colors — plus a pink elephant! Cuddly Friends are also available in smaller-sized blanket buddies.

Try merchandising our plush animal toys in our metal baby carriage display or our compact bucket display—if you can resist the urge to give them a squeeze!

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