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Every plant needs a great place to grow and flourish. Evergreen offers plenty of planter selections that are both functional and decorative. Our planters are made of a range of materials—from ceramic to cork to metal to polystone—and they come in unique shapes. They are durable, eye-catching, and come in various sizes for any planting need. Our larger vessels work great with our mini-gardens, with room for plants and decorative pieces. Our smaller planters are perfect for indoors and out, and they even fit nicely on windowsills.

With beautiful colors and patterns, our planters come in a wide variety of looks—from simple ceramic choices with a great color to shaped, vintage pieces that are sure to start conversations.

We also carry cachepots, or decorative pots mainly for indoor use. These pots don't include drainage holes, so they're designed as containers to showcase plants packed in another pot. As an easy add-on, our terra cotta ollas are water-saving vessels that can be used with our planters for a watering solution that saves both time and water—and is low-maintenance.

Other planters we offer are shaped like statues, can be hung from walls or placed on our exquisite planter stands, and we even offer an LED planter option. Planters from Evergreen are fun, functional, varied, and make worthy additions to homes and gardens.

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