Outdoor Solar Powered Mobiles

Unique design techniques offer enchanting light shows

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Evergreen Garden ranked #1 by Giftbeat

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The LED seed lights are embedded into clear channels that protect the lights from all types of weather. The mobiles feature multi-color lights inside the tube and color-changing lights inside the suspended icons. The translucent arms allow the sun to charge the solar panel for renewable power.

Smartly DesignedSmartly Designed

Each piece is built for durability, giving customers confidence that these indoor/outdoor products will be enjoyed year-round, season after season. The clear channels will not get cloudy due to high grade materials that are sealed to prevent moisture.

Maintenance FreeMaintenance Free

Solar-powered features add to the sustainability of your outdoor décor—no additional electricity needed! You can easily relocate your solar decor without worrying about where the nearest outlet is. Due to the weatherproof material, rain and snow damage won’t occur, ensuring you can enjoy your designs year-round!

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