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Bring festive illumination to the outdoors

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Impactful Scale
Impactful Scale

The Outdoor LED Ornaments are oversized to ensure visibility in an outdoor space. The bold assortment comes in three sizes: 5", 6" and 8"s. In our latest release, we've introduced: 11" and 23.5" sizes.

Key CategoriesDurable

With a shatterproof design and an outdoor-safe battery box, each ornament in this collection was built to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Every piece features a hanger with a coated cord for protection against the elements.

Easy to MerchandiseEasy to Merchandise

Easily showcase these outdoor ornaments with our metal display, SKU 47M2040. The designs delicately dangle from metal arms thanks to their built-in hangers. Each ornament comes packaged with a hangtag for retail.

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