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Nursery Décor

Nursery décor from our b. Boutique brand offers a range of coordinated collections to decorate a room for baby boy or baby girl. These items make it easy to build a nursery in a specific theme or style that's sure to look great and inspire your child's imagination.

Our cute and stylish picture frames hold a 4x6 photo and feature art and designs that match with our collections. Some are shaped (like our Out to Sea or our Mermaid Kingdom frames) and others have themed embellishments with friendly characters from dinosaurs to foxes to whales to butterflies. We also offer pin photo holders that look like big whimsical clothespins.

Help your child have a full nap with no interruptions by hanging up one of our wooden door hangers to remind everyone to keep the noise down. Our hangers come with cute messages and padded felt animal accents.

Our wooden plocks feature art with inspirational messages and fit in with many of our collections. They come in a wide variety of designs and look great resting on surfaces or secured to walls.

Our stretched wall canvas selection also matches with our collections and features art and messages about parenting, children and love. These are perfect nursery wall decorations for either baby boys or baby girl.

We also offer canvas growth charts that you can write on with a permanent marker. These charts are packaged in a convenient b. Boutique retailer friendly tube that includes a close up of the chart as well as a full size image.

Other offerings from our nursery décor selection include canvas lighted wall décor, nightlights, personalizeable piggy banks, and more.

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