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As functional pieces with the ability to add depth to any space, decorative mirrors make great wall accents in any home.

Mirrors from Cape Craftsmen come in eye-catching shapes, and some are framed with three-dimensional elements. We offer pieces that work with a variety of themes, such as our driftwood mirror, which makes any house a beach house. We offer mirrors that make perfect accompaniments to garden themes as well, with flower petals that burst outward or frames with imaginative embellishments.

Mirrors are a great way to expand a space, and our open and close shutter wall mirror does this by mimicking the appearance of a window.

Our mirrors are easy to hang straight and secure, with either one or two hooks on the back. They can easily be coordinated with hall tables or other home décor pieces for a unified look. Whether you need to fill out a space or a striking centerpiece, Cape Craftsmen mirrors will suit your needs in style.

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35.43" x 35.24" x 16.93"

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