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Lighting & Solar Lighting & Solar

When the sun sets, your garden does not have to. With a unique set of lighting options, including solar lights, string lights, and light-up garden accessories, Evergreen can provide all the elements for an enchanting night garden. The night garden trend is picking up speed, and for good reason: it adds an element of splendor to the garden that creates magical evenings year round and complements the warmth of glowing decorations during the holidays.

Evergreen offers solar mobiles in various designs, such as celestial, butterflies, and hummingbirds and at various price points, meeting the budgets of different consumers. These hanging garden accessories are beautiful outdoors. During the day, they are unique decorations—but at night, they light up brilliantly, many of them mobiles changing color, and become the center of attention. Our solar garden stakes and new-lighted birdbaths achieve the same effect, functioning as great garden accessories during the day and shimmering attractions at night.

Solar statuaries from the New Creative line are whimsical and build on the charming themes of other New Creative garden accessories. They are warm and homey and are sure to make any garden welcoming.

Evergreen's solar garden accessories utilize solar panels that charge during the day. When it becomes nighttime, a sensor activates LED lights that glow and create dazzling effects when shining through our metal and painted glass lanterns or solar lanterns with cutout patterns that create dynamic shadow effects. Our newest solar items have the capability to use electricity for round-the-clock use, which makes for great in-store merchandising.

Our night garden accessories double as home and garden décor during the day and suit many different environments. With so many options, Evergreen has all the ingredients for a garden that keeps working 24/7.

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