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Lighting is an essential element to any indoor living space, to create the right atmosphere and environment.

Our Cape Craftsmen brand of home decor includes several tabletop lamps that are just as fashionable as they are functional. These lamps provide a "high design" aesthetic, using lavish materials like mother of pearl and mosaic glass, as well as textured and metallic lined shades. All our lamps can take up a 60-watt bulb and ship with a CFL bulb included. Each lamp is individually packaged in molded foam to ensure quality upon delivery.

For those who prefer a more non-traditional approach, our sculptural lamps combine metal and colored glass into unique shapes. These make great statement pieces for a range of themes, from coastal to rustic to wine. Our translucent white polystone lamps also offer a sculptural accent and soft lighting effects.

To enjoy a more natural or classic method of lighting, our lanterns allow candles to be placed inside. Their glass domes and panels allow the candlelight to shine out, and many have graduated sizes for a complete look.

We also offer ways to light up your outdoor living spaces, with lighted patio lamps and furniture that are powered by solar energy. Our tall solar lamps can either be set on a patio or staked into the ground.

For that soft bit of room lighting at night, we offer a selection of nightlights. Many use embossed and painted glass panels to add character and personality, with designs for all, including children and sports fans. Our canvas nightlights feature fun artwork and sayings, and the canvas itself can be removed for a tabletop accent.

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