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Evergreen Garden continues to make a mark with its wide selection of kinetic garden art. Our spinning, spiraling, and tumbling garden stakes simulate movement found in nature and add visual interest to yards and gardens.

We offer many different sizes of kinetic garden art, with certain items over 6 feet tall. Our beautiful large sculptures make a bold statement in any garden, and ship KD for convenience. Our charming and versatile mini kinetics are 18" tall, ship in CDUs, and look great in planters and make great additions to gardens or mini-gardens.

Our kinetic garden stakes and sculptures are mesmerizing showstoppers and it's truly difficult to look away. Fill out any garden with the classic feel of our antique bronze kinetics or build out a specific garden theme.

We also offer an exclusive display solution for our some of our kinetic garden stakes that lets customers assemble their own pieces. Simply pick the 14" topper and add the universal h-shaped stake to piece together a kinetic garden sculpture. After this simple assembly, these sculptures measure four feet in height.

Our solar kinetic garden sculptures add an extra wow-factor that works around the clock. These charge during the day and light up brilliantly at night. They feature beautiful metal and glass designs and motion patterns that make for a magical day and night garden.

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