Justin Patten Designs

Bringing High-End, Hand-Painted Art to the World of Sports

We partnered with an artist who is quickly becoming a household name in the sports world.



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Unique Style
Unique Style

Based on the popularity of handmade art on channels like Etsy, we knew there was a need for an artisan look in the sports realm. Adding new energy and movement to established team designs, Justin’s crafty, hand-painted looks deviate from traditional logo fare. The mascot paintings are original works of art that sports fans can proudly hang in their homes to convey team pride.

Universal appealUniversal appeal

Justin’s collection lets fans and graduates exhibit loyalty and passion for their sports team without sacrificing great taste. His work seeks to be as energetic as the last moments of a game. He pushes boundaries while painting, only stopping at the edge of abstraction.

Licensed ArtistLicensed Artist

While much of what is available online is non-licensed reproductions, Justin has official licenses with many top-selling collegiate teams and paints for a growing number of institutions. His whimsical takes on mascot trends are inspired by his love of art and sports.