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Garden stakes work perfectly as versatile outdoor décor elements that make a great addition to any garden. Easy to stake in place, they stand brilliantly among flowers and are fascinating and attention grabbing when placed out in the open. Evergreen's creative garden stake selection is varied and impressive, even including an option to create astonishing garden art by repurposing glass bottles.

Our Eclectic Elements totems can be assembled to personal taste and make unique additions to porches, yards, or gardens–these make the perfect outdoor Christmas decorations and fit well within the DIY trend. We also offer many garden stakes that are pre-assembled. We have a varied assortment of looks. While many of our garden stakes look great year round, seasonal designs can complement gardens at the first bloom of spring or during the cheerful long days of summer. Many of them are metal with accents of colored glass–with some designs hand-blown–and have "h"-shaped bases for stability. Our smaller garden stakes are available in CDUs for easy merchandising.

From fascinating bead designs to adorable critters, our plant picks are always a wonderful touch and are sure to add a bit of whimsy to flower beds, pots, or mini-gardens.

Our kinetic garden stakes are standout pieces and tend to dazzle all with their exquisite designs and striking motion patterns. Fill out any garden with the classic feel of our antique bronze kinetics or build out a specific garden theme. Our kinetic garden stakes and sculptures are mesmerizing showstoppers and it is truly difficult to look away.

Our catalog of garden stakes is wide and includes options for gardens and yards of any size or type. Whether your garden needs a rustic accompaniment or a shimmering piece from our growing selection of solar-powered garden stakes, Evergreen has it all.

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