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With over 20 years in the flag business, Evergreen is the National leader in decorative flags with an unmatched assortment of designs and materials. The Greeting Card of Your Home™, flags represent the opportunity to greet visitors with a unique message, showcase holiday spirit, and let the homeowner share their personality with the outside world.

Our highly detailed, quality designs come in a variety of materials. Evergreen™ Applique is 310 denier nylon that we have used for more than 20 years because of it vibrancy and durability. With over 500 designs to choose from, there is a fun and bold applique flag (or several) for every occasion. Our applique flags are made with color-safe fabric and thread that resists fading in the sun, and the tight stitching lasts and lasts.

Our Reflections flags are printed flags, created through a durable high-heat process, and feature beautiful, detailed art. They are outdoor-safe, with a great fabric "hand", brilliant color, and non-fray stitching.

With EverFelt™, Evergreen is the first and only to offer the look and feel of traditional wool felt in outdoor flags. EverFelt™ is a poly blend that, unlike felt, is completely safe for outdoors. Reminiscent of Christmas stockings, this material is perfect for the holiday season–and radiates a warm aura year-round.

Evergreen flags are available in house, garden, and estate sizes, with many designs featuring shaping or brandishing detailed embellishments such as glitter, sequins, pom-poms, and elements with mixed material types for added dimensionality and texture. Evergreen's attention to detail makes the difference at retail–these wow treatments drive the impulse and set Evergreen flags apart from all others.

All of our flags are water-resistant treated for UV protection.

Garden flags come in packaging that showcases the entire flag and is open at the bottom so the shopper can feel the fabric, while still keeping the flag shoppable. Larger garden flags come folded in packaging, with a picture showing full design. And our Evergreen flag displays offer the opportunity to create the flag destination in your store, while also allowing some flags out for display. Our experience from the last 23 years – "if you fly them, they will buy them," – reminds you to have these out for consumer impact.

A clear trend with our flag selection is a tremendous and eye-catching attention to detail that's been proven to turn heads–and makes Evergreen the best place to find the Greeting Card of Your Home™.

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18.2" x 45.3" x 70.2"
Holds 8 regular flags (48 pcs) & 11 garden

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