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Flag Shop

Flag Shop continues to deliver impactful results at retail

Garden Decor ranked #1 by Giftbeat Magazine in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2017

Evergreen Flag ranked #1 by Giftbeat

Ranked #1 in Garden Décor


Best of Floor for
Outstanding Display

ICON Honors

Nominated for Innovation Honors for
Technological Advancement

Leadership in Materials
Easy To Shop

Our merchandising strategy offers consumers a quick, easy way to see and shop all inventory. Store signage draws customers in and clearly showcases each selection.

Design InnovationSimplified Selling

Instructional guides and tools for ordering the correct hardware for your store are available, as well as additional hardware sizes and tutorial videos.

Easy to MerchandiseInventory Management

The Flag Shop gives retailers a clear visual on replenishment needs as well as the opportunity to backstock on the floor so no selling opportunities are missed.

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"We have been able to determine that our YOY flag sale performance has grown by over 50% and consumers are more apt to purchase multiple pieces at once. The new set-up is convenient for both us and our customers. It's clear that we are already reaping the benefits of this display." -The Great Big Greenhouse, Bettye Columbo's account UP OVER 50% YOY

"Evergreen's product line of flags, mailbox covers and welcome mats complements Agri Supply perfectly and allows us to offer products that our customers would typically have to shop elsewhere for. We are very pleased with the revenue that has been generated since we started carrying Evergreen's line. They are a valued partner of Agri Supply. " -Agri Supply, Stacey Yobb's account Generating reorders every 7-10 days from product turn

"The new merchandising has helped our customers to see all the flags at once and make a quick decision. It has helped our staff be able to easily merchandise and know where things belong. We were very close to getting out of the category in its entirety until the Flag Wall Fixtures were introduced." -Kitty Hawk Kites, Vickie Lynn Chason's account - account up over 30% YOY.