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With such a vast catalog of flags, we know how important it is to have elegant and creative options for displaying those flags. And our selection of flag poles and accessories provides the possibilities for doing so in style.

With our hardware, Evergreen flags can be hung on windows, mailboxes, walls, doors, and deck railings. They can be put in yards or planting beds with our garden flag stands—which include an "h"-shaped base for added stability. We offer stands for both regular and garden size flags.

Our flag stands come in different colors with a variety of finial options, with some even featuring decorative designs and solar lights. We also offer multi-purpose stands that double as planters or have the potential to have planters hung from them.

Our flag poles come in a variety of materials, like bronze, metal, plastic, and wood. They feature elegant designs such as Fleur de Lis and pineapple. They are weather-resistant for long-lasting use and include an anti-slip clip that keeps flags in place. They are available with an anti-wrap tube for trouble-free flag hanging and are compatible with all regular and deluxe size flags. Our flag brackets are of course also weather-resistant and include all mounting hardware.

Our flag hardware supplements our vast flag selection—when customers purchase flag hardware at retail, they are more likely to return and purchase seasonal flags throughout the year for their pole or stand. We offer many, many flags and many ways to hang them. The versatility and functionality of our hardware is only deepened by their variety of unique designs and features.

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