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Evergreen Garden ranked #1 by Giftbeat

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New Evergreen Garden products to "WOW" your customers

Wholesale kinetic garden stake with water element
Wholesale Hydro Spinners

Our new hydro spinner combines the power of the wind with the refreshing splash of water. Its inner helix spins in the breeze while a graceful cascade of water sprays out of the tubes, reaching up to 32 feet across a lawn.

Wholesale HabitatsWholesale Bee Houses and Habitats

As concern over the declining bee population has grown, the public’s desire to place habitats in their outdoor space has increased. These houses provide native pollinators with shelter to nest and raise babies. Shop our selection of bee houses, bee baths, butterfly habitats and more.

Wholesale solar powered bird bathsWholesale Solar Bird Baths

Each colorful solar bird bath is crafted from hand-painted, embossed glass with a built-in solar panel that soaks up sun during the day to illuminate 30 LED lights at night. Choose from a bright glow or twinkling pattern.

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Shop Wholesale Birding products from Evergreen Garden. We have wholesale bird baths, bird feeders and bird houses.
Wholesale Birding Products

Evergreen Garden has a diverse offering of bird baths, houses, and feeders that are suitable for a variety of regions, from the coast to the mountains. Our birding products are designed to beautify any yard while also taking care of feathered friends.

Wholesale Decorative Garden StakesWholesale Decorative Garden Stakes

Consumers will be unable to resist the unique look of our garden stakes. The quality is clear, no matter what material is chosen. From floral fabric accents to solar-powered glass backyard beauties, these decorative stakes will be an instant hit.

Wholesale front door decorWholesale Wind Chimes

Wind chimes create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere on a porch, in a backyard, or even indoors. Shoppers love the sweet melody that each breeze brings, which is coupled with the high-quality construction retailers have grown to expect from Evergreen. Other category offerings include decorative garden bells, wind spinners, wind twisters, and more.

Wholesale Mailbox Covers with Magentic cling
Wholesale Memorial Garden Stones & Statues

When words are not enough, Evergreen Garden’s memorial stones and sculptures serve as a token of remembrance to honor a lost family member, friend or furry companion. Angel figurines, St. Francis statue bird feeders, and beloved pet garden stones make thoughtful keepsakes.

Shop Evergreen Garden for Wholesale Outdoor LightingWholesale Outdoor Lighting

Help customers create an incredible night garden with any of our decorative outdoor lights. Top-sellers like Firefly lanterns can be used anywhere, not just in an outside setting. Hanging mosaic orbs inspire a sense of romance and wonder, while holiday-specific lighting solutions make it easy to celebrate seasonal moments, from Fourth of July to Christmas.

Wholesale display merchandisersWholesale Merchandisers

Display solutions and retail accessories make it easier for you to make an impact and connect with your store’s customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.

"A. Dodson's has been working with Evergreen Enterprises since we opened our doors in 2003. During that time, Evergreen has helped us grow to 4 stores and counting! They are THE leader in technology forward thinking in the gift industry. They're always willing to try new ideas, grow, and change with the times while never compromising their commitment to the growth of our business. We consider our sales representative and the team at Evergreen, not only a partner but our friends."
-Alison Dodson Anderson, Owner of A. Dodson's