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What is it like to work at Evergreen Enterprises

The Evergreen Enterprises Spirit

Evergreen Enterprises combines a fast-paced, innovative work environment with a welcoming, familial atmosphere. We value our team members and strive to make the office a place where people enjoy coming to every day.

Employee Benefits at Evergreen Enterprises
Benefits & Awards

Evergreen Enterprises provides many benefits in addition to traditional health and dental insurance and 401k plans. There are frequent training and development opportunities for career enhancement, employee discounts for Evergreen and Plow & Hearth products, and coupons and specials offered for selected services. We also recognize spirited employees by giving awards to those who showcase exceptional commitment and service.

Evergreen Enterprises encourages health and wellness.Health & Wellness

We have free on-site exercise classes like Zumba, Yoga, and Spin to help employees meet their fitness goals. Outdoor activities like walking, basketball and soccer are encouraged during breaks. If you'd prefer hitting the gym, a company perk includes an American Family Fitness Center employee discount. We also participate in Richmond, Virginia’s annual Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k as one of the corporate teams among 30,000 runners. Additionally, mental wellness classes are offered for stress relief and resilience throughout the year.

You'll have great fun working at Evergreen.Fun Times!

As a member of the Evergreen family, you'll be invited to a variety of fun events throughout the year. These include Wednesday Hump Day Grills, Food Truck Fridays, and College Colors Day, as well as parties for the Chinese New Year, Halloween, and Christmas. Company trips to ski resorts, amusement parks, and the theater are offered during various times of the year as added bonuses.

A Unique Point of View

We are a progressive learning organization that seeks best practices with customers, employees, vendors and shareholders from all around the world. As such, we treasure individuals who have diverse backgrounds and cultures as we connect with teams across the globe, including: China, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. Applicants with a multilingual talent are encouraged to apply.

Evergreen Enterprises encourages multilingual individuals to apply.

Evergreen Enterprises is a multicultural / multilingual company that values diversity and experience.

Evergreen Enterprises est une compagnie qui valorise le multiculturalisme, la diversité et les expériences nouvelles.

Evergreen Enterprises es una empresa multicultural / multi-lingual que valora la diversidad y experiencias.