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We've long considered flags to be the Greeting Card Your Home™. Our Warm Welcome door décor offers a new take on this concept. These hanging pieces range from 20" to 24" high and make a strong personal statement on a door or patio.

We launched Door Décor in the Fall-Holiday release in January 2015, with 18 monogram letter options and 14 new seasonal designs. We are offering more than 30 new designs for Spring-Summer 2016. From Valentine's Day through spring, birthday and baby celebrations, dog house to beach house, we have it! We use an amazing variety of quality materials, including our burlap, our EverFelt material, and some of our appliqué flag materials. Unique dimensional design and artistic embellishments give these pieces character and curb appeal.

Evergreen is the only wholesaler to offer both a broad design assortment and proven materials for outdoor use. And the packaging is durable and perfect for the category with its own header card, and each in a poly bag that allows the consumer to reach in and feel the quality. We also offer hardware that's perfectly sized for door hanging, as well as stake and patio stands that make placement possibilities endless.

Some of our designs even feature a chalkboard-like fabric that lets customers personalize their statement with chalk or more permanent pens to add custom greetings, their family name or Monogram, and more!

No matter what designs customers choose, our Warm Welcome door décor provides options to express year-round style and sentiment.

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