Wholesale Solar Powered Glass Bird Baths

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What is Data On-Demand?

Data On-Demand is an easy way for you to access product information and web resolution product images immediately after you place your order and receive an order notification email.

Why sign up?

It's another great resource that Evergreen Enterprises offers free to our retailers. It saves you time - no more calling your sales representative or customer support asking for important information you need to get the items you ordered in your system and ready to sell.

How do I receive the data?

Order notifications will be emailed directly to you with a link taking you to our product information portal. There, you will be able to download web resolution product images (1000px or more in 72 dpi) as well as download an excel file with pricing, UPCs, QTY, and more.

How do I get started?

Contact us to register today or contact your local territory manager for more information.

Who is Eligible?

Data On-Demand is a program for a select group of Evergreen Enterprises retailers, during this trial period.