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Christmas Ornaments

If there's one must-have decor item for holiday, it's ornaments!

Ornaments are one of the largest categories in the Cypress Home catalog. We offer literally hundreds of different looks, ranging in prices, styles, and materials.

Our ornaments capture many of the popular trends in holiday decorating, and every one coordinates with at least one of our art-driven lifestyle tabletop collections. We cover all of the top themes in ornaments, including title, coastal, traditional, peacock, whimsy, elegant, rustic, diva, and cardinal.

With so many different materials including glass, burlap, ceramic, metal, paper, and even plush, and with unique accents from feathers to sequins, there's sure to be selections in our ornaments to please any holiday shopper. We also offer some that can be personalized to create future memories.

Of course our ornaments look great in Christmas trees, but they also add a touch of holiday warmth and flair in other ways, as we see consumers finding new and creative ways to display ornaments in their homes. (Just check Pinterest, and you'll see what we mean!)

We offer ornaments as assortments, with 6-12 total pieces per pack or 3-4 assorted designs. Each ornament has a hang tag, to make them easy to sell individually at retail.

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