Decorative carousel votive and tealight candle holders

Design technique and engineering create a charming holiday addition

Capture the magic and wonder with classic carousel designs on our candle holders.


Best of Floor for
Outstanding Display

ICON Honors

Nominated for Innovation Honors for
Technological Advancement

The Difference is in the Details
The Difference is in the Details

From angels to Christmas trees, holiday accents to snowflakes, the unique touches and featured icons give our designs a broad appeal— each program offers something for every customer!

Coordinating LooksCoordinating Looks

Coordinating pieces help create a cohesive aesthetic and pleasing look for your stores. Our carousel designs are created to complement our other holiday decor pieces for a beautiful retail presentation.


Heat-powered elements add style and functionality to your living space without additional electricity needs. Warmth from the candle sets the blades in motion, turning the wheel and spinning the carousel when the heat rises. No need to purchase batteries or find an outlet to power your décor pieces! Our collection has two different options: a tea light and a votive candle holder. Both give your home a fresh take on these classic designs.

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