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Burlap Flags

Evergreen Burlap Boutique flags offer the signature texture of burlap—its crafted look is classic and our wide variety of designs complements this classic look. Our Burlap Boutique flags are made of poly-burlap—Evergreen's materials have been developed with attention to both the style of the flag as well as the necessity of being outdoor safe.

Our signature burlap flags come in many varieties, with some featuring show-stopping embellishments like gold foil treatment or a mix of materials like burlap and felt. Like our applique flags, our Burlap Boutique flags come in all sorts of shapes and in both house and garden sizes.

Unique shapes are eye-catching and can be adorable. We also offer screen-printed designs in burlap. Designs like monogram can adorn homes for a personal welcome or bolder flags with statements can greet visitors with fun sentiments. Our burlap flags are double-sided and we offer countless designs. Burlap flags have an authentic feel and with Evergreen's outdoor-safe poly-burlap, our vast selection can be put to use outside year-round.

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